WGU: But for accounting?

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So, my wife is planning on getting her bachelors in accounting, she has and associates already, just a general one though, not specific to accounting. Since we just moved, it would be a year for her to get in state tuition, so I brought up WGU since there is so many people here that feel positively about the IT degrees. Any have any experience with WGU outside of the IT degrees? Or thoughts on Accounting BS from WGU?

Thanks much!


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    Wes, I can't help answer your question, unfortunately, but you might want to post the same question to wgustudents.com. I know they have forums for all the different programs at WGU.

    Hope this helps.
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    Since the accounting world is so regulated I would make sure the credits counts toward some of the professional licenses, like CPA, CMA ( Certified Public Accountant or Certified Managerial Account (There are more as well). I'm enrolled in the MBA program and really like it and feel it has taught me quite a bit. It's obviously not a Ivy league education or even a tier below that, but I would think it work out just fine for her. What does she want to do? For corporate accounting it would be fine IMO. She could start off as a AP/AP specialist or whatever the title maybe and then transition into other roles that require more experience.
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