Where to find Practice Simulations?

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I am taking the Security + exam tomorrow I feel extremely prepared but is there any website that has examples of security + simulations? and where could I find them?
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    I haven't seen any yet... don't know that anyone has put any together. You've probably already started the test by now.. by I took it yesterday so I'll describe the ones I had so the next guy has a clue.

    I had one where you drag and drop the port on the protocol.. there were about 6 and they were pretty standard ports.

    I had one or two where they had an animated diagram of an attack.. animated how the packets moved accross the network.. you had to pick which kind of attack it was from a list.

    I had one where I had to create firewall rules from a list of requirements, so you have to look at a diagram and the list and determine IP addresses, ports, TCP/UDP, allow/deny in order to create rules to meet the requirements.

    I had one where they had 5 or so types of attacks... a diagram that shows: where it started (phone, email, website) + who it affected = what kind of attack it was

    And one where you configure an Access Point using a diagram and info from several types of servers.. so you had to determine the SSID, the security, the key, etc. from the server settings, and set the WAP. The hard part was it wasn't like they gave you all the settings, you had to go to each server and determine the settings from information given based on the role of the server.

    Hope that helps...
  • DeezyFFDeezyFF A/N/S/P/L+, CCNA-Security, CISSP, ITILv3 Winston-Salem, NCMember Posts: 60 ■■■□□□□□□□
    Yea i already took it i passed it. I had 3 simulations.

    I had the Access Point diagram and matching ports like you did. Then i had one that was if a forensic investigator was coming to a computer that was tampered with what in what order would he save the data. CPU cache, Flaw, Memory, Hard Drive were the options.

    Yes i hope this helps the next people out to get the security + certification.
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    Congrats on the pass Deezy FF. Not sure if it's just too early for me, but I'm drawing a blank on "flaw." I understand the question is testing someone's understanding of order of volatility from objective 2.3, and the other items are familiar.

    Good luck with your next adventure.
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    Please could you explain, if you can how you went about these your simulations? It will help greatly. Thanks!
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