CCNA Wireless, Security, or Voice

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Just looking for opinions here! I just recently got my Network+ and going to be studying for the CCNA:R+S. What I am wondering is what CISCO path do people like the best out of Wireless, Security, or Voice? I plan on going into one of these after the R+S and just wondering people think of these (in terms of Job Opportunity, Growth, Pay Potential, Future of that area, general opinion, or any random thought on them)

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    You should really go and focus on the area that most interests you. That is what you will excel at and be most happy with. All are excellent areas. All companies need Voice people, all companies are ramping up on Security. The least adopted in corporate may be wireless due to security reasons.

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    Ye i agree with Dee on this one. Considering your doing you R&S first i recommend just concentrating on that, then who knows you may get a job that uses a lot of voice, security or wireless. This will probably push you in a certain direction.

    My advice just concentrate on what your doing now, then when you get to a point when your ready for your next exam start thinking about it then
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    :) was thinking I would get that kind of response. I know I that I will go into what interest me the most. I figure I will have a lot better idea after I get my first CCNA. Im just looking to see what other people think of those areas. And maybe the reason they choose a certain area.

    Definitely not looking for someone to tell me what I should go for here :P. Everyone is different
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    I got my CCNA: Security afterwards, but I kind of wish now that I would have gone with the Voice track. But again, like the others have said, do what interests you the most. Core routing and switching are still the most interesting topics to me.
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    Just my observations:

    Routing & Switching: This is more common for permanent (W2) work. Companies always need people to keep their networks running.

    Wireless: Haven't seen too many jobs looking for this. Most of the places that I visit that have Wi-Fi (Restaurants, Hotels, etc...) seem to use a single wireless router, even if it doesn't provide full coverage. I do see some [1099] 3G/4G Cellular installs, but I don't believe that is covered by the CCNA: Wireless.

    Security: Always useful, but not sure its easy to get a job just doing just security. Perhaps, it would be a good resume booster for another networking career.

    Voice: I see alot of 1099 (short term) voice installs...but, I wish the pay was a bit higher.
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    I personally wouldn't suggest one of the side tracks unless your job specifically wants you to get it or you like the technology. Otherwise i personally think you should just keep heading down the R&S path towards CCNP. But, this is just my personal opinion!
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    Best way is to just wait a while and see what grabs you. This question gets asked frequently but I'm going to still point out that if you're really good at something you will always find employment. Voice and security are both going strong and chances are they will continue so no worries. Wireless is big but specialising only there would limit your opportunities, IMO. Forget what's hot and go for what makes you happy and things will fall into place.
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    First things first - get your R&S and I believe when you have that you will know what to do next
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    I did think that as soon as i get my CCNA im going to do straight to CCNP! But then you start to want to re-infornce the knowledge you have. I didnt know what side cert i wanted to do, then I landed a job as a network engineer for an ISP. We do a lot of firewall stuff, and this pshed me to drill down on the concepts again and do the CCNA-security. Once ive done this im planing to re-inforce more by getting a fortigate cert and then finally go for CCNP.

    Its weird because you have plans but they are always changing, who know once i get my security, my company my start bringing on sonicwalls, then i might go for them!
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    My opinion for tracks I would take for general networking engineering. Though there is plenty of room for Voice/Security professionals as well. I would also add specialty products for stuff you guys use. I.E if all Checkpoint or Palo Alto firewalls I would learn that in depth as well.

    CCNP Security
    CCNP Voice
    Network Monitoring
    Network Load Balancers
    CCNP Design
    CWNA/CCNA Wireless

    ISP/MSP/Reseller/Data Center
    CCNP Security
    Networking Monitoring
    Network Load Balancers
    CCNP Data Center
    CCNP Design
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    If you are looking at it purely from a job availability perspective, then I would say there are more Voice opportunities. I work at a Fortune 100 company and we have a ton of Voice people. A handful of Security specialist and I would call it 1 and a half Wireless guys.

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    I personally wouldn't suggest one of the side tracks unless your job specifically wants you to get it or you like the technology. Otherwise i personally think you should just keep heading down the R&S path towards CCNP. But, this is just my personal opinion!
    I like this advice. I've been studying for ICND2 and once in awhile what I should do after that. People always say chose what interests you, but that is really hard when in reality we would be learning the basics so how would we know what interests us?? I looked around some sites that showed the job market in my state. Seems there are few data center type positions available, and a lot of voice jobs. I might read up on voice a little bit sometime down the road but not sure if that would 'interest' me. Security seems to be hot all the time. That is why I like this advise, you can't go wrong with a CCNP no matter where you live. Unless you live underwater, that might be a problem. Go for wireless I guess if that is the case.
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