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Anyone try this yet? It's supposedly in Beta, but I haven't seen it yet....not that it matters, I'll still use IE6 or Mozilla until they work the bugs out....although, IE7 has tabbed browsing, along with a lot of the features Firefox used to steal users from IE, but what about stability?.....It's going to ship with the new Vista OS next year....
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    IE 7 will be indeed included in Windows Vista.

    I don't think stability will be an issue (except for any beta version of course), but there will be plenty of 'malicious individuals' making an effort to find security holes in a new IE version. It does have some interesting new features and it will be interested to see if the new anti-phishing and other features will have any positive influence on the rep of IE.
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    I hope it keeps my system's resource usage less than 100% icon_lol.gif
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