Passed ROUTE!

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I finally passed route, after much procrastination and projects getting in the way.

I got an 858/1000.

I've already gone over all of the areas I missed questions in, but I'm worried that my score reflects negatively on my understanding of the concepts and skills tested.

There were at least two questions I just hit next on too soon, and I realized the correct answer only as I was hitting next, but I want to make sure I truly understand what is tested on the route test before moving on.

Am I being too paranoid about not acing it? Or should I review the materials again?



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    Congrats on passing!

    If you feel that you missed something, you could glance over the summaries.

    The best way to get topics to "make sense" is to read up on them, test them out to see if they act the way you believe they would. When you get more questions, you dig further, and look up more information about how things work the way they do.

    Some topics have entire books dedicated to them (OSPF, EIGRP, BGP, etc.) so there are additional resources out there, to dig deeper into the topics.

    Hope this helps.

    Another thing ... if you are not satisfied because you feel that your knowledge is incomplete, then you're in the right mindset. The more you know, the more you tend to realize what you do not know. Some people don't care what things look like at a packet level, while it helps silly people like me to understand what actually happened.

    When you dig far enough into things, you may find what appear to be "documentation gaps" which sometimes are false positives, and in other cases, are legitimate issues. The best you can do is to test things out, and see what really happens. If you ask on forums, there is usually someone who may have seen the problem before, and understands the issue.
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    Don't get too worried mate!! You will get more understanding from experience. Glance over it if you want, but in the real world there are books and the internet to look up when you get stuck. You dont have to remember every single little bit of info.

    Also congrats!
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    Firstly congrats on your pass.
    Secondly, if you are worried that you didn't understand all the parts correctly or as good as you should have, you can always glance through the scre report of yours and focus on the weak point(s) you have. It's a very good mindset you have. Most of the examines do not worry about the knowledge they have but only they insist on getting passed. I like your mindset very much. :)
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    Thanks for the advice guys!

    I've looked over what I missed questions on and reviewed those sections in the FLG, as suggested.

    Of course, I don't use most of what's on ROUTE daily (pure EIGRP at work). It's natural that I'll forget the details over time and will rely on books and google, but I want to make sure I have the key concepts solid.

    Thanks for the confidence. I just didn't want to think, "a pass is a pass is a pass." And I thought the score was reflective of some deficiency in understanding. Even if it is, I can review the material until I'm comfortable enough to use it. And after using it in production, I won't worry about a certification score (experience > cert).

    Thanks again.
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    Don't worry about the score. Lots of people fail these exams. You didn't. You passed. That's what counts.
    Are you doing SWITCH next, or did you already do that one?
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    I wouldn't worry too much about the score, especially if you caught the two questions, but a review of the material would probably be helpful.
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