first msft exam

I know this question is relative to each individual based on a number of factors, but how hard is this exam? Just curious how on your individual experience with the exam, compared to other exams such as CCNA. I know the questions are a lot longer and I believe there are a few more. This is my first Microsoft exam and was just hoping to get some feedback. Thanks all!


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    Compared to ccna, m$ is a diff ball game. Questions tend to trick/confuse you and very wordy. Two answers sounds alike so be very careful and re-read each question more than once before making a choice. Also, try to learn how to take the "noise aka rubbish" out of each exam question.

    Once you pass one m$ exam you know what to expect on subsequent exams.
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    I personally found The Microsoft exams a lot tougher than any of the Comptia ones. Also the Microsoft questions seemed sooo long it put the fear of god into me, but if you've done the study and prepared hard as its MS then hopefully it will be fine.

    Don't be too put off my the length of the questions, you just have to pull out the essential facts that you actually need.

    It's definately worth it though. I could'nt stop grinning for weeks!!! icon_lol.gif
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