3560G vs 3750G - Lab and Price Question

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I currently have 3560G 48-Port POE switches in my home lab. The new CCIE Collaboration equipment list just came out and it list 3750 switches. I'd imagine QoS differs between the 3650G and the 3750G. Will I need to be model specific for buying 3750G's for the CCIE lab?

Also, what's a fair market rate for the 3560G on eBay. I'm likely going to sell mine, but the ones listed appear to be Buy Now prices, but no actual bids. What's a fair price for a 3560G 48-Port POE switch? Latest code and all rack ears & cables included if that makes any difference.
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    inscom.brigadeinscom.brigade Member Posts: 400 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I do not know all the 3750 models, but we have lots of them, don't get an x series. It needs a license in addition to the ios. I would guess any ipbase with no POE should be the cheapest. some of them are capable of 10 gig, they should cost more I would assume. I would get a 24 port with ip base, and upgrade the IOS later; unless you need POE. I have 2 x series poe on my desk now. They have hot swappable redundant power supplies and are 10 gig capable. (not mine just on my desk). I got a 60 day temp license, if you turn off ntp it could last longer. I do not know if any 3750 are (not) sfp capable but if you find one without being sfp ready that should be cheaper.
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    jahsouljahsoul Member Posts: 453
    Funny thing; the CCIE Collaboration actually calls for the 3750-X but really, none of the physical benefits should be tested, so as long as you are using the 15.0(2) Main Train, it should be no issue.

    Also, there is no difference between the 3560 and 3750 QoS wise. The only difference between the 3560 and 3750 was the 3750's ability to use stackwise technology. You should have no issues with the 3560G.
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    I remember that there is a difference between the 3650's in STP and Prvt VLANS When I was last playing with the 3750 and 5650 you could not create Prvt vlans on them.

    I don't know how it is for CCIE but these where the main differences I found in CCNP.
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