Information Security Live CDs

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I am aware of the following distros. Let's target the ones that are focused on information security. Hopefully you guys will contribute more to this list. Thanks all.

***Samurai - Web testing framework live Linux environment (Samurai Web Testing Framework)
***Active Defense Harbinger Distribution (ADHD) - Linux distro with many tools for active defense (ADHD | Free Security & Utilities software downloads at SourceForge.net)
***Helix (v3 is still free) - Incident response and forensics - (e-fense :: Cyber Security & Computer Forensics Software)
***BackTrack - Pentesting Linux distro - (BackTrack Linux - Penetration Testing Distribution)
***Kali - The next version of BackTrack, in a sense an advanced version - (Kali Linux)
***Security Onion - Linux distro for IDS and NSM - (security-onion - Security Onion is a Linux distro for IDS (Intrusion Detection) and NSM (Network Security Monitoring). - Google Project Hosting)
***Network Security Toolkit - Open Source network security tools distro - (Network Security Toolkit (NST 1icon_cool.gif)

***There's also this website that displays other security distros - (SecurityDistro - Security Distributions)

Not a live distro, but I think it's worth mentioning:
***Evader - I think the name says it - (Evader | Stonesoft Evader)

I will put up more if I can recall more. Please note, I am not listing other distros such as Knoppix, Xubuntu, Windows PE, etc.


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