Passed 70-417

I passed today with a 733 overall score. Section breakdown:

410 - 850
411 - 887
412 - 733

I scheduled this test 5 weeks ago and really meant to put more effort into it, but I just did the bare minimum. My last few exams have been like this where life and work get in the way and I walk into the exam and just kind of wing it. Work was the main culprit this time. I still managed to skim the 417 exam reference guide and watch a few of the Jumpstart videos. I knew I had some weaknesses so I am happy with the 410 and 411 scores and feel lucky to have escaped on the 412.

I am now officially an MCSE: Messaging on Exchange 2013. I passed the 2 Exchange 2013 beta exams back in the fall and needed the MCSA 2012 to earn the MCSE. Next up are 413 and 414 for the MCSE: Server Infrastructure, followed by the 687 to complete the MCSA: Windows 8. After that - who knows?


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    Congrats... and good luck with the new few exams... they are going to be tough for sure!
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    Congrats! Looks like we were both able to knock this out.
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    Congratulation Claymoore!!

    A question I have been asking people who plan to go for 70-414, is what resources are you going to use? I quite like to have the MSPress book to give me guidance in my study, however as that is not out until October this year and ideally I would like to have completed my MCSE Server Infrastructure by then, I need to find alternatives. At the moment my plan is to follow the Skills Measured page on the Microsoft website and use the suggested preparation links (TechNet Wiki etc):

    Exam 70-414: Implementing an Advanced Server Infrastructure

    Then just lab as much as possible, book exam, and cross fingers. I do have to get through 70-413 first and I have purchased that MSpress book, but that feels like familiar territory, design exam with case studies etc like 70-647 for Server 2008.

    I suppose there are always CBT Nuggets:

    Microsoft Windows Server 2012 70-414 Video Training Online | CBT Nuggets

    May well have to go this route if I don't feel confident enough after working through the Skills Measured section.
  • ClaymooreClaymoore Posts: 1,637Member
    I just downloaded these e-books from OReilly:
    Exam Ref 70-413
    Windows Server 2012 Inside Out
    Exam Ref 70-687

    And I used the discount code MSINT to get 50% off the ebooks.

    I'll rely on the 2012 Inside Out book to cover the topics for the 70-414 exam. I bought a promo voucher for the MCSE: SI that gave me one of the exams for free, plus free second shots on all 3 exams, but I have to use it by the end of the year. Waiting for the 414 book to be released in October won't work for me. That would not leave me enough time to study plus schedule an exam and a possible retake by the end of the year.

    Oh, and I was looking around on Amazon last night for exam prep material and saw a listing for a braindump for the 413 exam. It's an external seller, but I'm still surprised they would allow the listing.
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    Congrats on passing icon_thumright.gif
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    Thank you Claymoore.

    Good call on the Windows Server 2012 Inside Out book, I have ordered that today, as it looks quite detailed.
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    Congrats!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Good effort Claymoore. I'm in a similar scenario with respect to work and home life.
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    Congrats Claymoore on the 70-417 Pass! Thanks for sharing!
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