June 2013 CISM exam in 6 days - advice needed

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Hello All

I sit my CISM exam in 6 days and I have read the ISACA manual and completed the Q and A supplement material and dB, any advice on what to do now or any further resource I can utilised to help me instil further knowledge over the next few days would be appreciated (I'm hitting 80% on QandA dB now)

In the meantime I will simply continue doing the QandA dB until the exam



  • paul78paul78 Member Posts: 3,016 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Good luck. I forgot that it's almost that time for ISACA exams icon_smile.gif

    I think that you have the right idea. It really depends on your familiarity with the materials. I used the ISACA manual and Q&A Review as well. When I took it, there was no dB.

    Just focus on whatever domains you are weakness.
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    Will do and Thanks icon_smile.gif
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    that's what I am doing too - the Q&A. I took the online course thru ISACA but Im not sure how much it helped. I don't feel quite ready yet either. I hope the Q&A will be enough, I have been getting about 75 - 85%.
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    Goog luck CISAgirl hope you pass, i'm about to do yet 'another' practice exam icon_sad.gif Can't wait until next Sunday when it is all over icon_smile.gif
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    consultmoi wrote: »
    Can't wait until next Sunday when it is all over...
    With ISACA exams, "it's over" is a relative term. There's also the 6 week wait to get the results. It's the exam that just keeps giving. icon_wink.gif

    Good luck to everyone sitting this season's ISACA exams.
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    Thanks Paul, only 2 days before my CISM on Sat, last minute cramming doing the Q&A's and a quick review of the CRM then onto the real thing ! Can't wait !
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