Upgrading to MCSA 2012 or MCSE Private Cloud

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Hi Folk,

Hope you all could help me to answer this question.

I have completed MCSA 2008 (MCITP: Server Administrator) about a month ago.

I am thinking of Upgrading my MCSA. However I am struggling of making the decision whether MCSA 2012 or MCSE Private Cloud.

In my opinion MCSE Private Cloud should be more valuable than MCSA 2012. However I have received different ideas from my

colleagues, Some said MCSA 2012 would be more beneficial as this certificate is new and many Companies will be moving to

Window Server 2012 rather than Windows Server 2008. Again Some also said MCSE Private Cloud would more useful and better

future (better Jobs) as I already know about Server Administrator 2008 the concepts between Server 2008 and Server 2012 are

not much different.

My Goal is to be an expert in Server Administrator and Visualization.

I will be very appreciated if anyone could shed up the light.

Thanks in Advance


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