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Hello everyone. I've been a lurker on this site for almost a month, and I have decided to pursue CISSP. I have read through countless posts and have seen some of the materials that others have used. What are some good Q&A books/databases to prepare me for the exam? I have not decided on books yet, but suggestions would be great as well. I have done research on some of this and there is so much stuff out there. I figured there was no better place to ask the question than to others who have endured the journey. I do plan on attending one of ISC² CBK Training Seminars to top it all off. I self-studied to take my Security+ and did fairly well, so I think I can do the same for this with plenty of dedication and studying.


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    My blog

    You may learn something!
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    100 views with 1 response? Can anyone here provide some information for me?
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    You can try CCCure for questions.
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    soak in as much as possible from the ISC2 seminar and associated book. You will be successful. icon_study.gif
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    I think that iSC2's bootcamp is great. That is what I took after studying independently for a few months. I passed first time, and am waiting for my endorsement to be accepted. delivered the training. And I took the paper based test. Take the computer based one if you can.

    Good documents to study are the Shon Harris AIO book, the ISC2 CBK (3rd edition), and CCCure's web site and sample questions. These are the sources I used to prepare.

    Good luck.
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    So between taking the ISC² CBK Training Seminar, the ISC² CISSP book, Shon Harris AIO book, and CCCure sample questions, I should be well prepared (depending on studying) for the exam? Oh, I am also using some CBT's that I am able to access at work for free. I am thinking that I will do about 3 hours or so a day during the week and 4+ hours on Sat & the same on Sun. I am going to give myself a few months to study then tackle the exam. I am thinking about trying the exam before Thanksgiving. If I schedule the exam now, I think it will force me to really study in order to pass the exam, and also, $600.00 is not money that I want to "give away."

    Thanks for the responses guys. I'm nervous about this and I haven't even really started studying yet.
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    If you execute your stated plan, you should do well. I used Shon Harris AIO 5, with her practice quizzes, studied her book for three months, took the Training Camp ISC2 boot camp, and passed the test first try. (I was 58 years old at the time)

    You should do just fine!
    Feel the fear, and do it anyway!
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    Read Shon Harris 6th edition or Official Guide 3rd edition. Do practice questions. You can attend boot camp or attend cheaper online seminar meeting one-to -one from experts from Asia.
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    I had both the Shon Harris AIO and the ISC2 book from the bootcamp. Definitely thought the ISC2 book was better. More concise and straight to the point. If you are taking a bootcamp...keep asking your course vendor when the books are available. I actually went on-site two weeks before the course to pick up my book, so I could have as much time with it as possible.
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