Network+ Lab on a tight budget

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I am studying for Network+ (N10-005) and will like to know what type of hardware and software others have used to prepare for the exam. I am trying to put a home network lab together in my basement. I currently have 1 main computer running win 7 ultimate, a SOHO router and a broadband modem. The list presented on the document listing the objectives for Network+ is extensive. I know I will not be able to afford all these Items:

Patch Panels
Punch downs blocks
Layer 3 Switch
Two basic PCs
Access point
Media converters
Configuration terminal (with telnet and SSH)

Spare hardware
Power supplies

Spare parts
Patch cables
RJ-45 connectors, modular jacks
RJ-11 connectors
Cable spool
Coaxial cable spool

Telco/network crimper
Cable tester
Punch down tool
Cable striper
Coaxial crimper
Wire cutter
Tone generator

Packet Sniffer
Protocol Analyzer
Terminal Emulation Software
Linux/Windows OSs
Software Firewall
Software IDS / IPS
Network mapper
Virtual network environment

Sample network documentation
Sample logs
Defective cables

I am trying to figure out what items I will need to build a decent lab that will help me with my Network+ studies. I am sure many have studied and passed this exam with a fraction of what is listed above. Just curious to know how others went about it. Thanks.


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    I'm sure a lot of people don't use a large majority of what's in that list. In fact, I know of a couple people who used nothing but videos and a book or two, with practice exams in order to pass the Net+. The cert itself isn't that extensive that you'd need to go totally hands on, but if you prefer, it's always a plus in order to get a better first-hand feel. I know that a personal network would be a plus when going for other certs such as the CCENT and CCNA, but you shouldn't have any problems studying normally for the Net+. =)
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    Yeah, I agree with Mac. I used a couple books and some videos for my Net+. Just passed the CCENT and didn't even need the lab I bought...but for the CCNA I'm sure I'll put it to good use! :)
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    Eventually I will be studying for CCNA needing routers and switches for practice so I guess it won't hurt to start looking for deals. Congrats on your CCENT success Nytrocide. Overall, thanks for the input.
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    For me I just passed last week. I used both books and Professor Messer videos for my pass.
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    I wouldn't worry about buying all that gear and just hold off until your studying for your CCNA to buy the switches/routers. You not going to be tested on Cisco CLI on the network+ so their is really no need for you to practice on it just yet.
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    Good number of resources have been listed but from my point of view to pass any exam you must have experience from that field. If you don't have experience you won't be able to solve tricky questions in exam. Keep on studying.....
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    Even though I don't have the Net+, I'm going to have to agree with other people on here. Don't waste your money buying a bunch of stuff for it. In fact, you might be better off just studying for and passing the CCENT. It's not that hard, but purchasing a couple of cheap switches and routers for that and the CCNA would benefit you more in the long run that buying random stuff for the Net+.
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    Don't buy any hardware for the Net+. I know that there are some virtual programs available specifically for the Net+ that you might be interested in. but honestly, I'm sure most people just read a book or 2 and watch the prof messer videos to pass their Net+.

    Wait until you enter your Cisco studies. Even then you probably won't even need physical hardware - I'm studying for my CCENT/CCNA using programs Packet Tracer and GNS3.

    Good luck w/ the studying.
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    Mastering the CCNA material also doesn't require owning any equipment, although many choose to buy it.
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