Firewall Auditing Tools


Can anyone recommend any programs they use to audit firewalls?



  • dmoore44dmoore44 Member Posts: 646
    Host based or network based firewalls?

    If you want to audit host based firewalls, you're probably going to want to create an audit script. If you're looking at network based firewalls, Tripwire Enterprise does a good job. And if I remember correctly, Nessus has a plugin for retrieving configs over the network and auditing them.
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    There was a really cool tool that did the same thing as the Nessus plugin. You could either retrieve the configs from the firewalls directly or just paste in the configs into the tool and it would spit out a report with different ratings on vulnerabilities... I'm trying to find the name and will post as soon as I find it. It's KILLING me, this tool was really awesome... the icon was a dog face i think... stand by...

    After about 30 minutes of looking I found there are a lot more out there (probably better but more expensive) but the tool I've used and liked the output was called nipper. It's by Titania (
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