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Though there are some negative points in here, however he still calls out a bunch of good points Crotchety Olde Geek #1: Career in IT - YouTube


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    Good video. Straight and to the point.
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    If I might suggest, there is no need for Network+ if you already have CCNA.
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    I will check this video out after work this afternoon.
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    Great Video...Thanks for the link.
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    His information is good, but his starting statements are... not accurate.

    I personally take issue with his last statement. whereas everyone knows that you should be doing research on your company before you show up for an interview, saying you won't hire someone who doesnt is, a little crazy IMO. I'm a realist. I want someone to do the job. If I want a manager, or if someone is looking for a managerial position where they will be dealing with the business side of the hous, then yes, I will be sure to make sure that the person I hire understands the business side of our operations. But, Our tier 1 helpdesk doesn't need to know anything more than who the VIP's are so we can prioritize their tickets. Our network team doesnt need to know whats going on in our area of operations, or our profit margin for last quarter. Its not important, and me personally, I dont think i'd give or remove preference to someone who knows or doesn't know those things. Finally, i've hada few interviews, held a few jobs. Its never been a condition of employment.
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