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Does Cisco has any video series for CCNP like it has for CCNA (the video series with 4 semesters) ?



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    Look at their netacademy site and they will show you the local schools offering it. I contacted mine and they never had enough students sign up for it so the director opened up the course for me to go through on my own for free!

    I personally also liked the netacademy courses...
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    The big training vendors (not the exam cheater companies) like INE or IPExpert also have very good videos I hear.
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    They have it and the material is pretty good. There are 3 semesters for the 3 exams and I think it is worth it, taking into account that it is not very expensive. Also, they will likely give you a discount on the exams.
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    Maybe they changed things, but when I was enrolled in the CCNP course last year there weren't any videos or slides like with the other networking academy courses, (I've also gone through CCNA and CCNA Security Cisco academies). The academy I went through was basically a CCNA level teacher telling us to read X chapter this week, and occasionally try to answer some student questions during his powerpoint presentation that he downloaded off the web from some other teacher.

    I really liked the academies for the CCNA levels, but the CCNP academy I went through was pretty much a waste of time. If Cisco has added similar material that they provide for the lower level academies then that would likely make it better - but they really need to make sure the teachers are qualified to teach at that level. The classes were also full of recent CCNA academy students with no real world networking experience, so the teacher seemed to treat it more as a CCNA review course than a full fledged CCNP academy course.
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    The big training vendors (not the exam cheater companies) like INE or IPExpert also have very good videos I hear.

    I second this. They make some high quality training videos.
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