Need some help with Server 2012 study resources.

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Hey All,

I work for a large Telecommunications company and have decided to start studying the Server 2012 material. I am starting with 70-410. There seems to be a lack of actual study guides. The only true study guide I have seen on Amazon doesn't come out until July 1st.

So I'm asking if anyone has taken this test and passed and what they suggest to use as a study guide. I recently obtained my CCENT but decided to switch to Microsoft as that is what my company mainly uses for their infrastructure. I have watched the whole CBT Nuggets series on this but I found it was only good as an introduction. James Conrad's voice drives me crazy so it was hard to focus and learn.

My second question is about setting up a virtual lab on my home computer using Hyper V. I am curious as to how long the trial version of Windows Server 2012, and Windows 8 last for? I find that doing Labs and applying what I have read is the best way to learn for me. I also have access to a ton of practice tests.

Cheers in advance.


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    I've begun down the 70-4xx track, and have bought two eBooks to prepare for the 410 exam. One of the eBooks emphasizes the new features found in Server 2012 (Tulloch) and the other emphasizes provides basic concepts and points you to TechNet links (Zacker) to gain technical depth on your own. I myself use TechNet as my technical go-to source for learning.

    Why don't you think about getting an annual TechNet subscription? You get access to a whole lot of Microsoft product, as well as one or two Microsoft Academy online classes.
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