What are your thoughts on ISC2 new developed certification (CCFP)

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    I'd certainly like to study for and pass (ISC)2's new Cyber Forensics exam. Even an Associates in it would be good to have on the resume. How strongly the (ISC)2 will market this new cert to the legal and forensics communities is anyone's guess.

    One thing I haven't found out yet about this cert is if its CBK is completely vendor-independent. No Windows/Mac/Linux file systems forensics or Cisco hardware network forensics? There is also a "one-year professional experience waiver for holding an alternate forensics certification on the (ISC)² approved list." Looks like CHFI has some of the (ISC)2's respect.

    The AMF is US$100/yr and you will need collect 30 CPEs annually.

    For more information on the CCFP credential, download the CCFP Brochure and CCFP Exam Outline.
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    Do you gentlemen do any type forensics or incident response in your line of work?
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    I am looking into this as we speak, i do forensics analysis now, and even went to a DoD school in Tampa with Federal agents., Once i graduated they gave me this $5,000 Forensic laptop with all the bell and whistles, in a pelican case with additonal drives, iphone adapters, just everything. great machine. This maybe something i look into.
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    To me, this is great if you want to put an emphasis on forensics, but you should already have a bit of it ahead of time. Go to work for a computer forensics lab, and see if it's your bag. Personally, I have been an Expert Witness on 2 cases, one without my CISSP, and one with it. Expert Witness testimony pays well, but is erratic, and you have to wait till the lawyer gets paid before you get paid, unless you work FOR a company that specializes in the same. It will be interesting to see if Courts will press hard to accept someone with this cert in the near future.
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    JDMurray wrote: »
    How strongly the (ISC)2 will market this new cert to the legal and forensics communities is anyone's guess.

    (ISC)2 will be strongly marketing the CCFP through all its channels. Training will be offered beginning in mid/late August and candidates can sit for the CCFP exam beginning September 25th. As for the CCFP CBK textbook, the iBook and Kindle version will be released sometime in October and the hard copy will be available in November. Please keep in mind these publishing dates are tentative and could change.
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