OCP MySQL Certified Developer 5.0 - Passed

mrploddymrploddy Member Posts: 38 ■■□□□□□□□□
Hi all,

Just got out of doing 1Z0-872 and now having Mysql Developer in the bag.

Few brief comments as obviously I can't break NDA

- The exam looks to be relatively unchanged from the old days even still
- I will reiterate other people's comments - buy the the study guide - it's been years since it was published but it's still very relevant and the exam almost matches it chapter for chapter
- Read the book closely - there are questions that are asked on very minor details of topics - don't expect to talk in to the exam and pass with only a passing understanding of the topics. You won't get away with it - that was the mistake I made first time and I'm £300 worse off than what I should have been
- They like trick questions - be wanred they will try to trick you in to marking the wrong answer for an obvious question

My final comment about the OCP is the price....at £150 for an exam it was bad enough but since June 1st it's £200 per exam. It makes Oracle very expensive compared to other certification providers...eg you could get an MSSQL cert for half the price.

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