Passed CASP with Learning Tree

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I took the Learning Tree Class for the CASP 2 weeks ago. I have to say that this was the only resource that I needed to pass the exam and I would not have passed if otherwise.

One Tip for future test takers: Know how to configure a cisco router...


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    Which did you feel was harder out of SSCP and CASP?
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    Congratulations! Im interested in hearing your comparison of the two as well.
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    I felt that the SSCP was MUCH easier. The SSCP has the same information as Security+ but the testing questions were harder. SSCP gives you 4 correct answers and you have to pick the best one. CASP was crazy difficult. Each question is a paragraph long and filled with unless information to tick you. Kind of like a high school math word problem. The answers are just as long and this made me nervous since it each question was taking way to long for me to answer. I used Darril's SSCP book which helped a lot for my SSCP since it was so well written. I tried reading the Sybex CASP book but it was so boring. Learning Tree helped by going into detail about technologies that I would not have thought would be in this exam. One of which was SANs. The CASP loves SANs. I logged into CompTIA's site today and found that my A+, Network+ and Security+ were still in my transcript but they also added CE versions of each with expiration dates. I guess I now have 7 certs with CompTIA now. I also just transferred my transcript to Microsoft so it will be interesting how they display all of it on my MCP transcript.
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    Congratulations! icon_cheers.gif

    CASP is really aimed at people working in enterprise-level IT system and network security. People who have only worked in small IT shops will be inexperienced in working with a number of the topics CASP covers.
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