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So I was hired into my company as a Desktop L2 position and have been here over a year now. My duties are of a Sr. role responsible for building a WDS solutions and building our corp Win 7 enterprise image and typical Desktop duties. I have been involved in many projects and feel like I really have my foot in the door. I took the position in the company to set my self up to be promoted to the networking department. My passion is networking and have building my career to become a Network engineer. I have done my CCNA 2 years ago, took CCNA Voice last year but never tested out. This year is my focus on the CCNP exam. My issue is that I have alot of server work under me managing AD and group policy and being steered towards a server admin role. My job pays better then most Jr Network engineer positions in other companies and I left my last job because of limited growth. My company only seems to want Sr. Network engineers with 5-10 yrs exp. I feel like I cant even get a look at for consideration despite a solid resume and work expierence. My last job, I was a director for IT at a small school for a few years and managed to gain alot of expierence while there. How long should I give it to try and break through at my company vs. seeking the position in another company? My recruiter that got me hired at this company has been sending me Network engineer positions all the time. It seems like I'm in a excellent position to move forward with my career but not sure where to go. I was considering doing my CCNP this year and by time my 2 yr anniversary comes around to make a decision. Any thoughts?
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    If you want to move to the network side then start looking now. Adding more unrelated experience probably isn't going to help.
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