RDP over PPTP? Bad idea?

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I think this is my first post, I usually just browse posts. Thanks to all the posters, I've gotten great info while studying for certs.

My question is, would RDP over PPTP be a bad idea? I'm helping my mother in law gain access to her computer at her retail store from home or wherever. I bought a Cisco small business router (RV042) to setup an IPsec VPN to gain RDP access. The problem is that it doesn't work over Verizon 4G. (should have done my homework) She uses a hotspot at her house since broadband is not offered in her area. I've tried PPTP using my phone as a hotspot and it works fine. Although not as secure, I was considering using this. I would try and secure everything as much as possible with complex passwords, only allowing the newer more secure RDP clients, etc. Any thoughts? Any alternatives that would work over 4G? This is a small retail store.


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  • cyberguyprcyberguypr Senior Member Mod Posts: 6,887 Mod
    What is the purpose of the remote connection? What exactly does she want to achieve?
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    What about logmein, gotomypc or teamviewer?
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    cyberguypr wrote: »
    What is the purpose of the remote connection? What exactly does she want to achieve?

    To be honest, not exactly sure. She just wants to be able to do some work at home. The computer will have financial software on it, which is what concerns me.
    netsysllc wrote: »
    What about logmein, gotomypc or teamviewer?

    I was hoping to avoid a monthly payment, but that may be the best/safest option. I see logmein has a free version. Maybe I'll give that a try.
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    teamviewer is also free, so you can compare the 2
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    for stuff like this Ive always used teamviewer or something like that
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    I will also recommend Teamviewer. We have corporate licensing at work, and I use it at home under the personal license which is free.

    Able to transfer files, pass audio, etc.
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    Thanks. I'll definitely give team viewer a try.
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    If you're using a ipsec vpn I'd say you're pretty secure even with the hotspot. I was always under the impression that the point of a vpn is that you're creating a secured encrypted tunnel through a public network and I can't see teamviewer or logmein being any more secure than a vpn. The only way you could make it more secure would be by using certificate authentication rather than password authentication.
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