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hi guys i have passed 70 270 exam today with 968,
this site helped me a lot, thanks webmaster :D
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    Congratulations, that is the exam I am studying for right now, lol. What exam are you going to do next?
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    hmm i think that 70 290 would be nice on my way to mcse 2003, at leat i hope so :)
    Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
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    least * (to fast for my keyboard) :)
    Artificial Intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
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    Congratulations :D That was a great score!
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    Outstanding score...well done! icon_cool.gif
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    That's an awesome score icon_eek.gif . Guess its celebration time but before that would you care to give us some feedback on your experience. It will be gladly appreciated.
    70-270 is next on my track and i'd like to get it done within a month hence my curiosity. I have two years of experience implementing Windows XP. I also got the second edition study guide by Sybex for revision which equals more sleepless nights and more jugs of coffee untill D-day.

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    Great Score!!!
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    Wow, congrats!!! You passed and then some!!! :D
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    so this may be useful to somebody
    there were 58 questions, most difficult for me were questions abot policies (local and domain as well, though i got most of them right icon_lol.gif ) and networking
    i remember one question, i think i didnt choose the right answer so the question there is a problem in marketing depatrment, manager of this department doesnt want anybody to change to look at their folders and also change policies. one day she finds out that guy with domain administrator account was looking in theirs folders, you have to make it stop icon_sad.gif i dont remember the answer but this one was the toughest icon_sad.gif hope it will help :)

    i was preparing for this exam for 2 months and week before the exam i left the job and was preparing from dawn till dusk. it looks like it helped me a lot. (hope i will find some nice job in IT ) i dont recommend this to anybody though it helped me icon_lol.gif
    here are some steps to nail this exam:
    1. read as much as possible about win xp (this site helped me, but you have to check other sources as well, duckduckduck posted here one link with free ebook so read it as well
    2. there is a lot of free questions out there so check them out
    3. i was working with xp for last few years so you need loads of hand on experience icon_sad.gif (it takes time )
    4.hard work
    5. i have also used
    but you need lot of time to go through it icon_sad.gif

    hope it will help and wish me luck in 70 290 (yeah it is the next one:))
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  • duckduckduckduckduckduck Member Posts: 45 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Glad the ebook helped! I'm going to be taking mine shortly as well so it's good to know that the book is at least somewhat relevant. icon_wink.gif
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    Thanks for the broad review. I was just wondering whether you used the Sybex or the Microsoft study guides. Most of the reviews that i read have left me more confused since i'd already gotten the sybex 2nd edition. If i cant figure it out by Friday i'll have to reconsider diverting my flight plan to MCSE via 70-210 instead or better still reroute thru the turbulence at Cisco to CCNP. icon_rolleyes.gif
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