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Hey, what is the standard study time for the VCP5? I took the course did some labs, and I have basic experience at my job. Been working in IT past 3 years, VMware past year. Thanks


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    Depends on which version of vSphere you have been using, but I'd think 4-6 weeks should be enough time if you have experience with version 5. Don't the course material to get you through it, however. Take the exam blueprint from, the PDF documentation, and a test lab, and step through everything to make sure you understand all the testing domains.
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    Using the blueprint is the way to go. Thats exactly what I did. I think I spent a month getting ready for the exam.
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    Took me about a month to read Scott Lowe's book, then I took the exam.
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    I was thinking a month as well. Thanks for the replies
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    My aim is two months with my track record for passing exams, but that is to make sure I cover everything and just lab, lab lab.
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    On the topic of labbing, wondering if there are some good resources anywhere that I can practice with.
    Just ended a course and our final setup ended in a DC, Vcenter and a 2 node cluster with some damn small linux VMs running [all within workstation] Starwind for our SAN setup, vmotion, HA, DRS configured and lots of breaking things to see how they work.

    Just wondering if, for the VCP, anything more than what I have done is needed as far as labbing is concerned or just knowing that setup in and our is enough?
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    Your setup should suffice, I've had about the same setup for my VCP and VCAP's and havent had a problem. Things like FT and DPM wont work in a virtual setting, but you can get by - I have.

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