So I took the ROUTE exam today ...

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First off, I don't post here much but I have been a long time lurker. Always useful to read the forums to see what questions other people come up with - sometimes stuff you wouldn't think of.

I've been studying ROUTE for absolute ages. It's been an on-off affair due to a lot of personal issues. Thankfully I've had some stability over the last couple of months which gave me the chance to get down and get on with this.

Two days ago I felt I was ready and booked the exam for today (Wed). The test centre I normally use closed down and the closest now means going into London (I live about 30 miles south of London). I prefer not to drive in London so the journey involved a drive to the local train station, a train to London, then getting a tram to the testing site, followed by a short walk!

Onto the exam. Obviously the NDA prevents me from giving any details, but I will echo what others have said - the exam will bite you if you don't know your stuff. :)

Half way through the exam I felt good, plenty of time left and no problem with the questions. Then I got a mega-sim (in my mind) which cost me around 20 minutes. I partially completed it but had to move on because a) I couldn't see a way to get the answer; and b) time was ticking.

Several more sims followed but thankfully they were less involved.

Anyway, the bit you've been waiting to read - I NAILED the exam with a 953. Man do I feel good! :)

Now on to SWITCH and TSHOOT without delay.

I've been advised there's a £2000 pay rise waiting for me in work for when I complete the CCNP.





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    Well done! ROUTE was the first one I tackled and it really helped get me on the road to completing my CCNP once I had an exam under my belt. Knock out SWITCH next and save TSHOOT for dessert icon_smile.gif

    Again congrats!
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    :study:Reading: CCNP Route FLG, Routing TCP/IP Vol. 1
    SWITCH [x] ROUTE [ ] TSHOOT [ ] VCP6-NV [ ]
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    aquilla wrote: »
    I've been advised there's a £2000 pay rise waiting for me in work for when I complete the CCNP.

    Awesome. Time to knock the other two out and get your money!
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    Dude, you scared me with the title :D Congrats and good luck on the other two!
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    Congratulations! Your studying really paid off. Remember to review since TSHOOT = hands-on ROUTE + SWITCH. :)
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    Thanks guys. It certainly feels good to get this monkey off my back.

    @Master Of Puppets - I like to try and use "interesting" topics if I can. Makes people want to open the topic. :)

    For those that are interested, I used the CBT Nuggets video (Jeremy rocks!) along with the INE videos (can be a bit dry but give good information). Also used both Ciscopress books (Official Cert Guide & Foundation Learning Guide - different authors explain things differently) and finally GNS3.


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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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    Watch out for the SWITCH exam, it's a tough one for alot of people. But TSHOOT is fun, so good news/bad news. :D
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