Longer than 6 week wait for SSCP scores

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Just a heads up, I'm now over the 6 week wait time for my SSCP scores. ISC2 said they would be released today, today they say it will be released tomorrow. I'm sure if I call tomorrow it will be another day or however long. Just a note, don't take the SSCP if you need the cert in a timely fashion.

They are saying they don't have enough candidate volume to roll the scores out. If I end up failing the test seems like it will be better to just go with another organization since the candidate volume isn't likely to suddenly increase. Keep your "gold standard" ISC2. I just need a cert, gold or not. Better to go with someone that can provide it in a reasonable amount of time...if ever.


  • WagnaardWagnaard Member Posts: 124
    I'm taking it next Wednesday. Was this paper or the electronic one?
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    It was electronic. I don't know if it would make a difference either way. The problem lies in not enough people actually taking the test to score it properly, apparently. They will refuse you any refund after you've taken the test and keep your scores for as long as they want. Just a heads up.
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    Well that's just crappy. I'm taking my SSCP Saturday. :/ Thanks for the heads up, Ill. And here I was hoping I'd get a pass/fail score as soon as I finished.
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    Yeah, how is it so many other providers can give results for an electronic exam almost immediately and they take 6-10 weeks?
  • WagnaardWagnaard Member Posts: 124
    "Psychometric testing". Just what does that mean?
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    I believe it's some sort of anti-braindump measure they implement. From what I've seen, I would not expect to get results back on a pass/fail until at least a few weeks after taking the test.
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    Exams have "psychometric characteristics" that can be analyzed and correlated to improve the quality, relevance, and fairness of the exam. A basic example is throwing out exam items in which too many candidates get correctly (too easy) or incorrectly (too difficult or too poor quality).

    Here's a very academic explanation of what's going on: Item response theory - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Note that the term "psychometric testing" is also used to for exams that evaluate the candidate's personality and reaction to specific situations in addition to testing skills and knowledge. You are likely to find those exams in an employment situations.
  • WagnaardWagnaard Member Posts: 124
    Ugh. Wanted to know if I should reschedule and study more, or get ready for the next set of certs.

    Thanks for clearing it up guys.
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