*Help* MCP's or MCSDT's

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I could make this long and drawn out but I will keep it simple.

I am looking to add to my current certs with a MCP.Heres the question:

Whats the easiest Route to MCP?

Should I take the 70-270 OR [70-271 OR 70-272]?

I mean I have a huge windows OS background and hardware background, A+ and Net+......

Im I correct to say that you can take EITHER of the MCDST exams and become a MCP? Yes, you Would NOT be a MSDST, but would you get a MCP status, Certification, and Wallet ID?

If this is the case, Generally...whats the easiest test 70-270 or 70-271 or 70-272?

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    270 if you want to eventually go into systems admin side, 271/272 into end-users side. Both are great choices though.
    What next?
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    As far as the tests are concerned, I took 271 and 272, they where pretty easy. I used the Ms press books and the Exam cram 2 books, no problem. I am now studying for 270 and can say it is abit more in depth on what you need to know compared to the MCDST, alot more emphesis on administration since it is a core exam for MCSA.
    Any MCP exam you pass you achieve MCP status, new wallet card, lapel pin and certificate are issued with each passing exam. Good luck with any exams you decide on.
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