CIT 642-831 - debug crypto isakmp help

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Im hoping someone here will be able to help me out. I took and failed the CIT with a score of 752. What really threw me were the 6 or 7 questions that involved reading the output from various debugs: specifically the debug crypto isakmp and debug ssh commands.

I have searched through and while i can find the commands and their output easily enough i am not finding a key to read and understand the output anywhere. At my current job we have no PIX or VPN concentrators that are not in production and teh head network engineer wont let me practice on production equipment for very understandable reasons and he really doesnt know how to read the output of these debugs any better than me frankly. I have asked..

I have both the sybex and cisco press CIT books and these commands are not covered in depth in either of them nor are they covered in the cisco press CCNP flash cards book nor the exam cram 642-831 book. Basically what i am saying is have definitely worked to try and find this info and i havent had any luck and here i am.

Any and all assistance in reading/understanding the output of these debugs is appreciated.




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