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Dear All,

I plan to replace my ASA 5505 (used as my home router / firewall endpoint) with a ASA 5510 in order to support the gigabit interfaces (soon a new 250mb/s connection will deployed in my neighbourhood) unfortunately the ASA 5510 sounds like a jet engine when powered on, I can literally hear the fans from the floor below. Do you known any products that could silence the device? or after market replacement fans that are more quiet. I was considering disabling the fans and running the device with the cover off, has anyone tried this?


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    I recommend you leave the fans alone. I have replaced many ASAs that ran without fans, because the fans died, and the customer was too cheap to replace them.

    You also don't want to take the cover off the ASA. The cover is there for a!

    You if the ASA is going to be in a room that's not occupied, then don;t worry about it. You will learn to live with the sound. I've had computers with many high RPM fans in them along with some of my lab gear running at the same time. All the sound that was generated became normal to me and was not an issue after a little while. Once I turned off all my gear, it was just too quite for me and it didn't feel right. lol....

    But I will suggest you leave those fans alone! You will be sorry if you start to mess with them.
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