Passed CISSP on 6/15!

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Hello to all,

I've been lurking here for quite a while, but I wanted to share a little of my experience, since other experiences from folks helped me out from the forum.

I took the SANS mentoring class, which lasted about 10 weeks and covered 1 domain a week. We received the Eric Conrad 2nd edition book, which of course, was great, and we also got full access to, which was the single best tool in this whole process to hammer everything home.

I felt that the SANS books were incomplete. There were a considerable amount of terms and concepts missing from the SANS material that were found elsewhere and ultimately on the test. However, the reason I would recommend the class is because the material is stretched out over 10 weeks, and it really gets you in the mode of studying and absorbing the material. For me personally, I could not imagine drinking from the firehose and getting all of this material in a 1 week bootcamp. The class is good enough to get you going.

My most important tool in this process was the quiz engine. To anyone studying now or about to get started, the full version of the quiz engine is a MUST. Of course, with this test, there isn't 1 single source to rely on. However, the quiz is PERFECT for hammering home material and exposing what you need help with. I couldn't have passed without it.

For my test itself, I've read where it will feel like you are getting questions from 1 single domain, and it certainly felt that way for me at times. BCP/DRP! It is DEFINITELY more manager-based than technical-based. And I'd say it was about 15-20% scenario based, which was definitely a lot less than I was expecting.

Again, thanks for the great information on this forum, and I hoped my little contribution helps future CISSP's!!



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    Congrats! Must be a big relief for you now that you're done.
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    Thanks all! CERTAINLY a relief!
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    Congrats! I didn't know there was an alternative to drinking from a fire hose.... I'm almost envious. Now for the endorsement process.
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    I hope to have everything submitted for endorsement today!
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    Congratulations! Was this your first attempt?

    I know what you mean about drinking from the firehose in a 1-week boot camp. I don't think many could do it cold. I studied for three months BEFORE the week-long boot camp.
    Feel the fear, and do it anyway!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Yes, it was my 1st attempt. However, it really doesn't matter at what attempt it is passed, IMO. Passing is passing, and it is definitely earned, no matter how many times it is attempted. Passing this test is a significant accomplishment!
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