superscopes and supernetting

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i am working on the 70291 exam and i am at the stage where i am doing subnetting, dhcp and scopes but the supernetting and the supersope has me up a wall so if you guys have any advise on it i would appreciate it.


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    rossonieri#1rossonieri#1 Member Posts: 799 ■■■□□□□□□□
    supernetting is kind of reversed engineering of subnetting where you accumulated your subnets and tag them with a class of subnet that will fit them all (i'm sorry bro - i'm not good in english... :) ) - in Cisco, we call them CIDR/classles interdomain routing.
    and superscope is a DHCP feature which allow you to do supernetting for your smaller subnets.
    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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