CEH Steven DeFino book

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Hi all. I was curious if anyone used The Offical CEH review guide by Steven Defino for your exam prep and what you thought about it. I just started studying for the CEH about a month ago. In addition to Definos book I have the AIO by Matt Walker, the CEH study guide by Kimberly Graves, and am also using the Ec Councils self paced I learn. I have been going back and forth between them all to try to get a grasp on the best way to break down my studying. The Ec Councils courseware is ok but it seems like its pretty vague. I really like the AIO and Graves book. After I read the Chapters I can answer the practice questions pretty easy.(Maybe that's why I like them :D ) However with Definos book it seems like some of his questions come out of left field. He does say in the beginning of his book that he does some of that on purpose to simulate what the exam tends to be like. I was just getting a little frustrated with it because it doesn't seem as straight forward as the other two.Maybe there was a reason for that? So I was just curious if anyone used his book what you thought about it. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
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