Is Network+ worth it for me?

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Hello I'm currently studying a two year college course in England, a BTEC Extended Diploma in IT level 3 and I'm going into my second year and just about to go on our summer break for 2 months and I was wondering if it is a good idea for me to go for the Network+ cert when I'm on this 2 month break.

A bit about myself I'm a 25 year old student with a lot of motivation to become a network engineer or a job along those lines and I plan to go off to university after this course finished to do a BSc in computer networks which will net me CCNA and CCNP if I work hard enough at university. The university also offers a placement year that I plan to take in the 3rd year so im hoping that doing this Network+ course over my summer break will increase my chances at this (although i think it might run out by then).

I'm also learning a bit of CCNA at a night course but this had to be put on the back burner due to transport issues.

I will be starting the university course in 2014.

Thank you for any advice.


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    The information in the Net+ could certainly form a good foundation for the things you will learn in CCNA.
    I think the Net+ is a great certification and I learned a lot from it. It definitely made the CCNA easier and gives you something else to put on your resume.

    Good luck.
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    The Net+ could easily be completed over summer break, w/ the right amount of discipline.
    However, just know that it expires in 3 years. You'd have to 1)Retake the exam or 2) Take a higher level exam before it expires.

    If you take the CCENT within 3 years of getting your Net+, that will renew it and reset the 3 year countdown timer. Same w/ if you take the Sec+ as well.

    I'm not too sure how the exam will help you if you're going to college (quite possible that it won't) but just know that you'll have to keep up with your certs if you get them before enrolling. Another option you have it to just review all the material w/o taking the exams. That would allow you to excel in the university classes w/ corresponding material, as well as allow you to quickly and easily cert-up right after graduation (you'll have all this info already, just have to get it recognized.)

    Good luck.
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    Welecome to the forums pocketchange.

    Absolutely. As Sharkdiver mentions, the Network+ does help lay a good foundation. This is good for both the CCNA and networking in general. If will also help you stay focused on the Networking topics during the break and help you in your long term goal of becoming a network engineer.

    Good luck.
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