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So which one is easier?

20-271 or 20-272 in general..i KNOW thier diff topics but generally, if you have years of computer[xp] expierence and already A+, Net+, and I-Net+ Certified...

because..for instance...the 20-272 is a 2day class..rather than 20-271[3 day class], which makes you think the 20-272 is easier.....but what if it is actually a 2 day class but the topic matter is really in depth,like a super-buried setting in outlook or changing the margin size in word, something that as a tech, SURE we know, but how often do we use this or know this....hell i know MS Active Directory better off the top of my head than some buried-never-used setting or function that a test may ask....

you see so.....the 20-272 may be "easier"...but the questions are specific..while the 20-271 may be "harder", but it covers more general or normally used items, control panel, computer management,user account,device know.....

so when I say "easier" i mean easy by the means of normally used items in the OS, main program settings...opposed to werido NEVER-USED settings or wizards that we wouldnt have known if it werent for the study book........

does this make sense......? GIMMIE some feedback!
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    sharpescalade please stop using bold, it's starting to be annoying.

    It would depend on your skills to determine which exam is easier. Most people take 20-271 first.

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    I thought 272 was a bit easier, but it doesn't matter. You should be prepared for both anyways, as they are very similar.
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