*Applying CompTIA Certs to Microsoft*

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Thanks for your time....

Anyone Applied your CompTIA certs to Microsoft??

I know the programs AND the submittion links and registration forms and process from CompTIA..my question is..Once you send your Certs from CompTIA,for, lets say toward your MCSA.....what the **** happens then?

Cause from what I hear, your not technically a MCP...so its applied toward your MCSA how? You dont get a MS ID card?NO PIN? SO Im guessing its just a "CREDIT" on your MCSA track?

Any tricks, any good practices that anyone would recommend...I have A+,Net+ and i-NET+ now.

NEEDIN feedback...tell me about your stories or advice...how long it takes to get it setup and what EXACTLY microsoft sends you and HOW much it COSTS....
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    You are correct in that using Comptia credits for M$ exams will NOT make you MCP. You must pass at least one M$ exam, and hold MCP status to apply the credits. It costs nothing, and once you follow the link and submit the information, you will see an update on your M$ transcript within a few days. Decide which exam to take, pass, and then apply your credits.
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