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New manager asked for transcripts so he can get a picture what people got etc.

I noticed today that on all my 2008 exams, including Server / Enterprise admin, I am a "Charter Member".

Didn't even know what it is .. now apparently I am amongst the first 5000 people who passed these.

Also according to the details online I was supposed to get some special letter or acknowledgement and certificate. Didn't get either (and don't really care any more).

Are there any other benefits I didn't get :) ?

Edit: Ah, that explains it
We started to get questions here on Born To Learn about whether Charter membership had been discontinued—which it hasn’t! We investigated based on your reports, and found that indeed, some certifications were configured incorrectly.

Why doesn’t Charter Member status appear on my transcript?

Charter Member status does not currently appear on a candidate’s transcript. We’d have to turn our systems upside down and backwards in order to support showing Charter status on transcripts. We are evaluating whether this change could be made at some point in the future.

... but it does ..

Ah well, I am "done" with silly M$$ exams anyway, but still 'interesting'
My own knowledge base made public: :p
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