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Hi all ive been trying to get into the IT world for years now,
I recently passed my xp 70-270 exam uploaded it on my CV thats on a IT jobs website and within an hour i got a job offer! the problem is
i just got a nice 10 week contract for supervising a Building job which is all out of hours work so pays very nicely about £30 an hour
The job i was offered was only a one month contract through a temp agency, the job was a field pc engineer which is what ive always wanted to do. but only pay £11 an hour
DO you think i should take the one month job and get a foot in the door and experience, or just earn lots of money and hopefully get another job offer at the end of the 10 week job,
Answers on a post card please :D


  • dsa1971dsa1971 Member Posts: 52 ■■□□□□□□□□
    even though experience is nice a one month contract is not necessarily going to WOW many employers. But if you did a good job there the temp agency might be more likely to find you more work and/or the one month contract could turn into something more.
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