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Does anyone know if a webstar cable modem (scientific Atlanta) has a built in firewall or anything?

I am trying to help a buddy of min out with a VPN problem.

He is trying to log into a corporate network via a VPN. It works fine with dial-up and it works fine with my cable modem but when he tries to log in to the VPN at his houe on his cable modem it doesn't work. (reason 414).

We have cable thru the same company. Why would it work fine with my cable modem and not his? I have a dirrerent brand of cable modem (Arris).

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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    did you try their tech site ?


    do you get an actual (routable) ip from the cable modem ?
    or a nat internal address ?
    this will tell you whether the modem uses nat.

    is the vpn an ipsec vpn ?
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    I could not find anything on their website.
    Yes I get a routable IP from the cable modem.
    Yes it is an IPsec vpn. (Cisco)
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    Only things I could think of is that his corporate has his MAC address of his cable modem denied, or that cable modem is closing ports on him. Perhaps its acting as a transparent bridge, that would allow him to recieve routable IP address and would still allow the device to perform layer 3 functions, like closing a range of ports.
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    Well - to get this thing to work he has to unplug the cat5e cable, then unplug the cable modem for atleast 10 seconds then plug it back in, wait until it recycles then plug the cat5e cable into his laptop. This does not sound correct but it works.

    Before this I had him open a command window and release and renew his IP but that did not work.
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