How to Bounce Back into IT ????

La femme TechqitaLa femme Techqita Member Posts: 17 ■□□□□□□□□□
Good Day All, I would like to first say how much I value this site and all of the wisdom you all have.

Okay soo heres my deal. I'm a wife and mother who has a B.S in C.I.S (class of 02) with five years of tech support / help desk experiance. In 2010 I choose to leave the field to be closer to home with my then small twins. During that time I started substituting for my distract schools .
After three yrs of that I no longer want to work around kids lol. My kids will be entering 1st grade and Im ready to get back into IT. My problem is no recent IT experiance. I get calls and interviews but they all pass. Im now working in a small service desk contract but I really want to get off the phones and get knee deep in IT. Being away from her(IT) really made me appreciate her more.

So thel question is what cert path must I take to elavate me to database or application rolls I long for.
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