Will an i5 be enough for a home lab setup?

HaswellHaswell MemberMember Posts: 73 ■■□□□□□□□□
I am looking to build a home lab for VMware, but I only have an i5 (Lynnfield) CPU. To reduce costs I am going to be virtualizing the ESXi hosts (how Inception like :)), vCenter, and the another VM for the shared storage. I'll most likely be using freeNAS for the shared storage, unless anyone knows of a better option. I am going to need a total of 7 CPUs:

1 for the physical system
4 for the ESXi hosts (2 CPUs each)
1 for vCenter
1 for the shared storage

So would I be able to do this setup only using an i5? Or should I upgrade to an i7?


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