Starting MCSA 2012 and eventually MSCE 2012

So I have to know how to upgrade to the 2012, I am running a virtual lab at home, would it be a good idea to have a domain controller as windows server 2008 (2) and then (2) active directory controllers as 2012, so a total of 4 servers? will that run in an 8gb of ram lab environment?


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    You should be able to run them without problem as long as you have a SSD hard drive to avoid slowdown. I used to lab in a laptop with 8gb and a 750gb 7200rpm hd and the virtual machines ran very slow. Now I have a new laptop with an SSD drives and I run 3 server 2012 virtual machines and 1 win8 virtual machine simultaneously and they run perfectly.
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    Why you are not using windows Azure or Amazon AWS to run your the labs ?
    You will learn two things at once, you will learn how to use IaaS in the cloud and you will also get your MCSA.
    you will also save money since you will only pay for the VM when you use them only.
    I'm doing all the lab in the cloud and it much better, If I need more RAM or CPU or an extra VM I just spin one or upgrade the VM and in 10 minutes everything is up.

    Think about this.
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    Really? Because I have my own lab.... 1 post sound like spam to me
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    Cloud services can be a cost saving measure if you don't already own hardware. Otherwise, it is redundant.

    I would practice with running a mixed environment at first with both 2008 and 2012. That way you can see the differences in the two side-by-side and also get some practice with upgrading the domain functional level to 2012.
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    sounds like you scare from the cloud...
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