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I'm currently in the process of finishing my AAS in Information Technology at a local community college. I should be done by this time next year. My plan while finishing up is to work on some certifications as well. I have a Cisco lab and I am taking some CCNA classes so that is one that I am definitely working on. I plan to transfer into WGU's IT: Network Administration program once I complete my AAS and some certifications. I made a spreadsheet from the WGU degree and transfer PDFs to help me choose which certs I should work on in order to have the most Credit Units when I transfer in.

So far my major cert list that seem to offer the most CUs at WGU for my degree path are the CCNA and MCSA( I think I will do server 2012). There were a few others that it had listed for quite a few CUs such as the MCSD and MCAD but I don't think those are available any longer.

If anyone is familiar with the cert transfer process and could recommend any other certs I should work on in the next year that would be great


I tried to upload the spreadsheet but it gave an invalid file error which I assume is because I created the document in OpenOffice Calc. I didn't finish added every single cert listed on the transfer pdf but I'm working on it.


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    After sorting through my spreadsheet and transfer guide I've come up with the following.
    With an AAS: IT i would receive a total of 57 CUs which leaves 64 CUs to complete/transfer.

    Adding in the MCSA:2012 cert gives another 26 CUs for a total of 83 and 38 remaining.

    Then adding in the CCNA and Project+ certs will cover another 12 CUs bringing my total up to 95 with 26 credits remaining.

    If I throw in 2 straight liner courses as well that will knock out 4 more CUs and leave me with 22 CUs to try and complete in one semester at WGU. I'm not sure of the difficulty of finishing those classes in one semester. The remaining courses would be Web Technologies, Web Programming, Intro to Probability and Statistics, Principles of Management, Technical Writing, and IT - Network Admin Capstone.

    If anyone has any prior experience with this program I would appreciate any advice on my plan.
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    From what I remember certain classes won't transfer in like ORC1. I don't remember the full list but a mentor would be able to tell you. That list of classes could be done in 1 semester though if you are highly motivated.
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