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I have two computers: Qompact and Siemens with xp and win 2000 installed and I need to update the bios for any of them, I don't know where to start from, maybe someone can help me on this matter.

thanks in advance.


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    Why do you want to update the bios ?

    Look on the manufacture website for new bios if any
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    I'm actualy trying to help a friend who asked me about his computer and I wanted to practice it first in my computer, it will also be fine with me to practice that since I'll need it in my future.
    I already checked on Qompact web for bios updates but they are giving some numbers and letters that I'm confused about, I don't know where I can get this numbers to know which nombers and letters are ok for my ocmputer's bios.

    thanks again.
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    Be carefull when upgrading the bios as if you get the wrong one you will trash your computer then you will have to send of for a new bios chip or do a hot swap with a similar chip but thats alot of arsing around :)

    the easy way to find your correct bios is to open the PC and look for the make and model for your motherboard
    hope this helps
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    When you boot the computer, look at the top of the screen, it will show you the Bios manufactuer, and revision installed on your board, The check here for a match. Also, be aware that an incorrect bios flashed can ruin the board. Usually, flashing a Bios is the last thing to do to resolve the issue; if there is no issue, there is probably no need to flash the bios.
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    Get the motherboard manual.

    The motherboard manual will have the motherboard serial number.

    Go to the manufacturer's website (Qompact and Siemens) and look in the support section and type in the motherboard serial number. That should bring up the support website for the correct motherboard and software for the BIOS.

    Make sure you have the exact BIOS firmware or else when you flash the old BIOS with the incorrect firmware your motherboard will become junk.
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    I've killed a couple motherboards trying to upgrade the bios, so be careful!!! icon_confused.gif What motherboard are you trying to update? Is Qompact = Compaq?
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    I might be showing my ignorance by asking this question.

    What is purpose of updating the bios chip?

    let me know the reason
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  • Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    AceAll wrote:
    I might be showing my ignorance by asking this question.

    What is purpose of updating the bios chip?

    let me know the reason

    There a few reasons. For one, all hard drives today have LBA, logical block addressing. Some older boards may not support that technology, so by flashing the bios chip, it would enable the use of an older board, with a newer drive to it's full capacity. Also, the original bios could have a bug, or maybe it's not designed to boot from CD or SCSI, etc... Generally, flashing the bios is the last thing to try, because, if you make a mistake, you could destroy the board. Check out the link I posted above, tons of BIOS info, and links.
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