VCP5 and Storage

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Still studying for the VCP5. Prob two months in and about finished with Scott Lowes book and have been supplementing with videos and my home lab. I've been glancing at the blueprint as go but plan on firing through that at the very end.

So far the only thing I don't feel extremely confident in is storage. I am thinking about supplementing storage by picking up the emc book and reading as if I was studying for the EMCISA.

Anyone else do this? Anyone else get through scott lowes storage chapter and say, "I'm either going to have to come back to this or supplement."?



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    Don't pickup the EMC book for the sake of the VCP only. For the VCP the important thing for you are the concepts / differences of different storage options. How does Fiberchannel, iSCSI, NFS and local storage differ, what are the differences in the VMware world (how to configure etc.). What are the limitations and requirements etc. Difference between VMFS 3 and 5 - can you upgrade / how to upgrade if possible and the list goes on.

    Have a look here - this should give you everything you need :

    ProfessionalVMware BrownBag VCP5 Section3: Storage
    My own knowledge base made public: :p
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