Just rescheduled my ICND2 - was going to take it on Monday, now it's on July 17th

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I took an exSim last night and didn't exactly nail it, so I'm moving my test date back a couple weeks. I just don't feel the same level of prepared that I did with the ICND1. I am still running across stuff in Odom that I feel like I've never read before, and Frame Relay is killing me. I listened to the CBT Nuggets vids on all of my trouble areas; now I'm going to go through Lammle's take.
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    Also, does anyone know if OSPF security is covered on the 816 exam? Odom goes on about it for a while but it's in the same breath that he's talking about multi-area OSPF, which I know​ isn't on it.
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    It's not specifically listed in the topics, but could fall under one of the categories for routing. No one can tell you what was on the actual exam though.

    [h=2]Configure and troubleshoot basic operation and routing on Cisco devices[/h]
    • Compare and contrast methods of routing and routing protocols
    • Configure, verify and troubleshoot OSPF
    • Configure, verify and troubleshoot EIGRP
    • Verify configuration and connectivity using ping, traceroute, and telnet or SSH
    • Troubleshoot routing implementation issues
    • Verify router hardware and software operation using SHOW & DEBUG commands
    • Implement basic router security
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    I think it's safe to know/understand security in the sense of setting authentication for OSPF but that's about it. You probably won't have to get much deeper into OSPF-specific security
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    Sorry, I wasn't trying to bait anyone into breaking NDA - I don't remember seeing it in CBT Nuggets or in Lammle, so when Odom was going over it I got confused. I also wasn't able to make it work in a lab, so it's probably a good thing to study now that I have time to breathe.
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    The Odom books can be dry and boring, but I learned so much from them, and felt like they prepared me better than the Lammie book (which is still a good read).
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    Everyone says Odom is boring, but I'm about 70 pages into his CCENT third edition book and I'm thoroughly enjoying it...Which is shocking because I'm no where near as geeky as you Super cisco avi folks.
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    I've always heard the opposite - that Odom is boring, but Lammle is an easy read (you know, to the extent that a certification study guide can be an easy read). I tend to agree with that assessment, though Odom goes into much more detail.

    I read Odom's OSPF authentication section again but still couldn't figure it out. Luckily, Cisco's got me covered. I was able to get it working on my test network!
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    Sorry about that, I meant that I was enjoying Odom's book. Lammle tends to assume you already know certain things which kind of tripped me up here and there.
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