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So for the past 2.5 years I have worked at my current company and went from being a Windows Systems Admin I to Systems Admin II. During that time we had a Windows System Engineer working here as well. We would work together on things but for the most part he did all the design and decision making for the systems. Well as of late he has not been showing up to work and been taking time off without using his PTO also, he can't seem to get along with anyone here.

Well as of last week he was let go from the position and I was promoted to Systems Engineer to take his place. With the promotion came a nice pay raise of 35% as well. I am now making just under $70k a year and its nice to finally be in that position. We also have merit increases coming later this year which will bump me up a little bit further.

Prior to finding out about all of this I was looking for something new that paid more and gave me more hands on, on things I wanted to work on. This luckily came at the right time that I ended getting both of those but staying where I am now. I do really like where I work and am good friends with all my co-workers so in the end I am glad all things worked out. You don't always have to take a new job to get that big pay raise you are looking for.


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    That is Awesome!! Congratulations! icon_pirat.gif Always great to read things with such a positive outcome. Nothing better than getting a promotion/raise/more responsibility and having the opportunity to stay where you love to work.
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    Congrats, that's a real nice bump for staying within the company.
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    grats! Shows that patience is sometimes rewarding!
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    Congrats on the promotion! I also went from Sys Admin to Sys Engineer a couple of months. I wasn't looking outside but they opened something in another department and I jumped at the opportunity. Great company, great team, proper compensation. Can't ask for anything else.
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    Very nice, congrats!
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    kriscamaro68kriscamaro68 Member Posts: 1,186 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Thanks everyone!!!
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    Well deserved! Good for you Kris nice work!
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    What a nice story to read. Great to always hear about successes of others. Congrats! Such a raise really shows how valued you must be...
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    that sounds awesome!! congratulations. I passed by a law firm and the owners license plate says "nvrquit" sounds like good advice.
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    Rosco2382Rosco2382 Member Posts: 205 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I like reading these types of post. It show's hard work certainly does pay off.
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