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Hello guys!
I've discovered this site a few weeks ago and it's been a great source of information, you really do a great job here :)
I'm sorry if there was already a thread about this, i just didn't see it.
So i come here with a problem and i seek your advice/help.

I currently work in the networking field and i want to go down the security path, and i was thinking about going for SSCP.
I work as a QA Engineer for a little over a year right now, testing the Ayava 3500 series switches. I was responsible for features like DHCP Client, Relay, Snooping, Option82, LLDP, SNMPv3 etc. I also had to set up the lab environment ( about 15-20 switches) and work with Ixia Traffic Generator. Being interested in security i already read the study guide for Security+, which i'm planning to take after finishing up with CCNP. Also i'll be responsible for more security features for the next 3500 release, features like 802.1x, Tacacs, Radius, MAC Sec, IP SG etc.

I know the SSCP has a requirement of 1 year experience in one of seven domains.
With my experience do i qualify for this exam? I was thinking maybe i could fall under "Networks and Communications" domain and be able to take the test. I was thinking to go for this cert after my Sec+.
If i do qualify, could you please help me with what procedures i have to do?
Their site is a bit confusing and i didn't quite understand everything i had to do.

Thank you!


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    Hi, welcome to TE...

    You can sit the SSCP exam at any time, it does not have any prerequisites, however to get endorsed is where IS experience matters. Based on your post, the SSCP exam should be a breeze for you but I would recommend you prepare for it just like you would any other exam.

    I think the most important thing is to pass the exam first, endorsement will follow after that. By the way, for SSCP you only require 1 year experience in one of the 7 domains and once again based on your post should not be an issue. You might also want to consider the CISSP with your level of experience, but that depends on what you really wanna do security wise.

    I hope that this helps. All the best.
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    Thank you a lot for your response!

    I didn't expect this kind of feedback, i'm actually flattered of you to think that i could go for CISSP at this point. I'm not sure what i want to do security related, but considering my programming background i might give it a try at pentesting.

    Let's rephrase, my whole work experience is 1 year and 2 months. I'm at the beginning of my career, i haven't even finished my studies yet, i'm still in college. With this said, i'm pretty sure CISSP is out of my reach right now. As far as SSCP goes, i'm not worried about the exam itself, don't get me wrong i'm not trying to be cocky, i'm just confident that studying for a few weeks after my Sec+ would give me enough knowledge to pass it without a problem. My real concern is if my current experience could get me endorsed, add to the fact that i don't know anyone with a ISC2 certificate.

    Best regards!
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    Definitely get the Security+ first and the SSCP after. The (ISC)2 can endorse you, so not knowing any (ISC)2-certified people is not a problem.

    Read the SSCP CIB to understand how different the SSCP is from Security+ and CASP:
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    Thanks for feedback :)

    I've decided to start reading for SSCP between my breaks from CCNP Route. I know that many of you read the SSCP AIO by Darril Gibson, but i currently have access to SSCP Study Guide from Syngress ( SSCP Systems Security Certified Practitioner Study Guide and DVD Training System eBook: Jeffrey Posulns: Kindle Store ). Should i stick to what i have or go for Darril Gibson's book ?
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    Please check the publication date on any books that you intent to buy. That link you gave is to an SSCP study guide from 2003, which is definitely too old.

    I would stick with the (ISC)2 Official SSCP CBK book. It's likely a major source of info used for the actual exam questions. I've never seen the Gibson book, so I can't personally recommend it.
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    I used Darril's book and in my opinion, it is a conclusive resource that gave me the understanding to grasp all the concepts to pass the exam. If finances are not an issue, I would recommend using both the (ISC)2 Official SSCP CBK and Darril's AIO Guide.
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    I used the Gibson book to pass the SSCP not long ago. I have about 5 years in a couple of the domains. I studied the book hard for a day and passed the exam first try.
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    Thanks for input !
    I'll probably buy the Official SSCP CBK these days.
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