Where should I shape my traffic

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Long story short, I need to shape traffic at one of my mpls sites. Remote office, 12 users, 1.5M t1. Recent changes with our provider is causing issues with this site to suffer massive packet loss when the serial link is saturated. I've had the same qos setup on my CE router for a year and the link has seen occasional saturation for that long as well, never experienced this much packet loss until now. But I digress.

Should I:

a) Shape outbound on the switch trunk port to gateway
b) Shape inbound on gateway port from switch
c) Shape outbound on serial interface

Any suggestions are appreciated.

This is my qos policy. Class-default is what is getting dropped.

class-map match-any CALL_SIGNALING
match dscp cs3
match dscp af31
class-map match-any DROP
match protocol bittorrent
match protocol edonkey
match protocol gnutella
match protocol kazaa2
match protocol irc
match protocol vdolive
class-map match-any CRITICAL_DATA
match dscp cs2
match dscp cs6
match dscp af21
match dscp af22
match dscp af23
class-map match-any VOICE
match dscp ef
policy-map WAN_QOS
class VOICE
priority percent 33
bandwidth percent 5
bandwidth percent 5
class DROP
class class-default


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