MTA Windows Server 98-365 exam format

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Hi all,

I'm taking the MTA Windows Server Fundamentals exam in a few weeks time, and I'd like to get a better idea of what to expect in terms of the format.

On the Microsoft website it lists a range of different types of questions that could come up in the exam. I guess I can expect any of these to come up, but is there a particular type of question format that comes up more often?

I'm also wondering how much of the exam is practical based, i.e. should I expect many questions that, for example, ask me to install server roles and features, or set up audits, or do various things to manage AD? Or should I concentrate more on learning the theory?

In terms of preparing for the exam, I'm using the official Wiley Microsoft Windows Server 98-365 book, CBT Nuggets videos and I've also done a little bit using the Microsoft Virtual labs.



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