CCNA or Security+ first?

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I gradurated last year with a AS in Computer Networking, however I hold no certs. Im contuining my education working on a BAS in Computer Networking while working part time helpdesk on campus at the university.

anyways i've been planning (for a long time) to get my CCNA. However there are a lot of DoD or DoD contractor jobs in my area that require Security+. so i've been looking at that too.

i know it all depends on prior experince but on average about how long would it take studying for the CCNA vs Security+ and which one is better to get first, cold from not having any certs?


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    I'm currently about 3/4 of the way through my BS from WGU, so the certs you mentioned are part of my degree plan. I did the Security+ in under 2 weeks of self study, by reading Darril Gibson's book and watching around 6-8 hours of Professor Messer's videos on areas I wanted more clarification on. I made sure to do the practice exams in Darril's book and understand why every single answer was wrong or right. As for the CCNA, I'm about 4 weeks into self study for the CCENT and will be taking the exam in about a week. I expect to spend around 4 weeks on the second exam as well, so the Security+ is definitely an easier exam to get "cold." As for which is better for you, I'm not sure.
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    Starting cold on both of them, you should be able to pass Security+ a lot faster than CCNA. CCNA goes a lot more in depth and requires a lot more sim work.
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    AS in Computer Networking you should snap right into the CCNA material. Security + you can do in your down time, it's pretty easy material.
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    I'm currently studying for the CCENT/CCNA, then thinking of diving into the Security+. From what I've gathered on the forums, it seems like having a good grasp of networking concepts is crucial to understanding basic security principals, so there's my reasoning. Good luck!
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    I did the CCENT/CCNA first then the Security+. I felt like I got more out of the Security+ with the CCNA knowledge under my belt.
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